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Sponsored by the Envision Center for Data Perceptualization, the Envision Center Discoverers and the program in Electronic and Time-Based Art at Purdue University

The workshop series has come to an end, please see some of the resulting games/projects below. You need the Unity3D web player to load the games.


Remzi Yagiz Mungan: The Castle of Asterion
Jordan Cleland: Therapeutic Terrain

Please continue to read for more information about the workshop series and the resources used.


Fabian Winkler's slides, 09/21/2010
Christian Barrett's introductory workshop, 09/21/2010
Christian Barrett's workshop, 09/28/2010
Making Trigger Zones in UNITY
Christian Barrett's simple game level, 10/06/2010 (Note: the textures in this demo come from, Sinbad the Ogre can be found at and is under this Creative Commons license).


Some bibliographic resources:

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Some academic programs in critical game design:

Experimental Game Lab at Georgia Tech

UCLA Game Lab, School of Theater, Film, and Television (features a nice list of UNITY 3D tutorial links)

University of Washington Critical Gaming Project

Critical game design in contemporary art:

Art in the age of videogames

Eddo Stern

Joseph DeLappe

Some UNITY3D tutorials and resources:
This tutorial series covers everything you need to get started working in Unity.
A collection of tutorials that deal with specific aspects of learning Unity.
Good tutorials written by the author of the most popular book teaching Unity on the market.
The Unify community wiki has a ton of free scripts, shaders, and tutorials to help beginners and advanced users alike. In the scripts section there is a sprite manager class, which helps for those working on 2D games.
Free to use game art.
This site is primarily intended for modelers, with a huge number of computer graphics tutorials and a thriving community. However, there are quite a few free models and textures under the Free Stuff menu.