Custom-cut vinyl on retroreflective aluminum traffic signs, 12"x18"

These custom-made signs are inspired by advertising slogans and logos from biotechnology companies often found along the fields in the Midwest. They are advertising artifacts that also tell stories about the intertwined relationship between biotechnology, agriculture, land and profit in the context of Midwest soybean production.

There is a cinematic quality to these signs when experienced in the landscape from the vantage point of a car traveling down two-lane rural roads passing field after field marked with these colorful micro-narratives of promise and production.

The presentation of the signs can be accompanied by pressed soybean plants displayed like specimens in a herbarium collection. Together with the preserved soybean plants, the signs then create narratives that allow critical reflection about changing climate conditions and biotechnological strategies. While the common story of success and high yields remains the same, environmental conditions are shifting, resulting - in Midwest drought years such as 2012 - in tensions between narratives of desire and agricultural reality.